Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg
Flawless Leg

Flawless Leg

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UpNourish Flawless Leg capsule is formulated with clinically proven ingredients SOD B Dimpless, BIOFAC caviar collagen, MOROSIl and BENEFINOL grape seed extract support cellulite removal and leg wellness*. 

  • Diminish visible cellulite*
  • Support vein strength*
  • Comfort itchy & achy leg*
  • Ease leg heaviness*
  • Promote restful leg*
  • Alleviate water retention*

SOD B Dimpless® is a natural extract of French melon juice. It is rich in Super Oxidase Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme with super powerful antioxidation function. SOD B Dimpless® has been tested in two human clinical studies to combat two root causes of cellulite – fat cell enlargement due to local fat accumulation and collagen fibrosis.

  • 87% women noticed significant reduction in visible cellulite in 4 weeks;
  • 100% women noticed significant reduction in visible cellulite in 8 weeks;
  • Dimpless® is over 40% more effective than placebo to trim local fat from hip and waist;
  • Dimpless® helps restore elasticity of collagen fibers.

BIOFAC® caviar collagen is derived from sturgeon nasal cartilage and caviar. BIOFAC® caviar collagen is rich in proteoglycans. Proteoglycan has been proven to support skin hydration, skin thickness and stimulate skin growth in cellular level. BIOFAC® caviar collagen has been tested in clinical studies to support joint health, boost skin elasticity and improve skin looseness.

MOROSIL® is a proprietary natural extract from Moro Red Orange that is the most colorful among blood oranges. A variety of biophenols in the extract contributes to weight loss function of MOROSIL®. MOROSIL® has been proven by 2 human clinical studies to alter fat metabolism and reduce fat accumulation.

  • 7 lb weight loss in 3 months and 10 lbs in 6 months;
  • 2.7 inch waistline reduction in 3 months;
  • 2.3 inch hip circumference reduction in 3 months
  • No diet restriction or exercise is required.

BENEFINOL® is a highly bioavailable extract from red grape seeds. BENEFINOL® is mixture of monomers, dimers and oligomers of bioflavonoids that have shown to prevent collagen damage from free radicals and stimulate collagen production. Grape seed extract helps alleviate leg heaviness and support healthy capillary/vein strength.

Butcher’s broom contains ruscogenins, chemical compounds that boost leg circulation and protect/tone veins. Butcher’s broom has been used to treat chronic venous insufficiency.

Horse chestnut contains escin, a mixture of saponins that helps fight water retention and ease leg swelling.

Diosmin and hesperidin are citrus bioflavonoids that support healthy blood flow and stimulate lymphatic function for detoxification.

UpNourish FLAWLESS LEG supports cellulite reduction, promote healthy vein function, boost leg circulation and soothe leg discomfort such as water retention, heaviness, itch and throbbing.

  • Who have visible cellulite;
  • Who expose their legs with great pressure during the day such as standing and sitting;
  • Whose hands and feet always feel cold;
  • Who experience leg discomfort;
  • Who experiences hemorrhoids.

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